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David Belle, Sabine Gros La Faige, INTERVISTA (2009)

Pour être fort, un corps doit servir un esprit fort. Braver les peurs qui nous ligotent. Aller au-delà de soi-même. Apprendre à travailler sa concentration à l'extrême et atteindre d'autres valeurs. Savoir se maîtriser, garder le contrôle de soi, se connaître. Gagner un esprit positif et volontaire. Découvrir ses faiblesses pour mieux les surmonter. Avec en plus un souci d'esthétisme : allier la difficulté à la beauté du mouvement.





Free Running: The Urban Landscape is Your Playground

Sébastien Foucan, 2009

Parkour is the art of movement and action. Its cofounder, Sébastien Foucan, has performed it in movies, commercials, and the music video for Madonna’s song "Jump." In this book, Foucan displays his gravity-defying moves while sharing the inspirational philosophy of free running. With electrifying photos of Foucan in action, the book offers a new approach to how one moves through the urban landscape and the velocity at which one lives. The author codeveloped parkour in Paris and has popularized and promoted it around the world. Similar to skateboarding, parkour is more than just wonderful exercise: it is a whole new perspective on how to conquer the obstacles in the city — walls are for vaulting, rails are for riding, and steps are for jumping.



Ciné Parkour: A cinematic and theoretical contribution to the understanding of the practice of parkour

Julie Angel, 2011

The written academic thesis for the world’s first parkour themed PhD ; Ciné Parkour: a cinematic and theoretical contribution to the understanding of the practice of parkour.



The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook

Dan Edwardes , Parkour Generations 2009

Combining the core elements of running, jumping, and climbing with the discipline of the martial artist, the grace of the gymnast, and the virtuosity of the skateboarder, parkour—or freerunning—is more than simply an elegant noncompetitive sport. It's an art form, a philosophy promoting fitness, imagination, community spirit, and ethical, healthy living.

The Parkour and FreeRunning Handbook is your guide to becoming part of this urban revolution. With standout features on fitness and training, global cityscapes and using the space of the urban environment, and tips on how to avoid mistakes and injuries, this is more than just a user's manual. It explores the techniques, culture, clothes, and community of freerunning, showing just what it takes to hit those handstands, kong vaults, and wall hops. This essential handbook is the only guide the fledgling traceur will ever need to get jumping!



Freerunning: Find Your Way

Sébastien Foucan, 2009

The sport of freerunning—a technique in which runners utilize the obstacles and opportunities of urban landscapes for exercise and exploration—has recently become a global phenomenon. Not just a physical activity, freerunning is also a way of life that has a set of values and philosophies. In this lavish and exciting volume, freerunning cofounder Sébastien Foucan lays out the ideas and ethos behind the activity that he calls “the art of expressing yourself in your environment with no limitation.” Stunning and stylish images of Sébastien in action accompany text in which he outlines his core philosophies. Inspirational and informative, this is a high-energy look at one of the world’s newest and most popular sports.

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